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Alpi Pioneer 300 Hawk



PIONEER 300 Hawk

Dynon Skyview with synthetic vision
Dynon battery backup
Dynon 2axis autopilot
Dynon panel - AP & Knob modules
P1 & P2 Dynon “Level” button for AP
Dynon WiFi module
Dynon transponder with ADS-B out
AvMap Ultra (battery backed up)
Pilot Aware hardwired with external antennas
Bluetooth audio (connect to iPad for Skydemon talking alerts, traffic, or play your music)
iPad mini bracket with power
Trig TY96 833 radio
Cabin heater
Sun shade fitted to canopy
560kg MTOW (Hawk nose leg)
LED landing lights
LED wingtip Nav & Strobe lights

Rotax 912 ULS (100hp)
Idrovario electronic variable pitch propeller
FlyBox propeller controller
Flybox flap controller
Electric pitch & roll trim
Retractable gear

Comfortable 135knts cruise / 20ltrs
Economic 120knt cruise / 16ltrs hr
80ltr fuel capacity

Fresh 12 month permit

Circa 580 hours Engine & Airframe
Prop circa 200hr

£75,000 ovno

Sold by Squawk 7000 Aviation Services

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